Why my journey with PreKure and working with the Faculty has made such a difference, and given me hope for the future for my family, and for the wider community.


For nearly 30 years, I’ve worked as a critical care nurse at the bottom of the cliff, where I see clients and patients go on a ‘merry-go-round’. They come in. They get their acute care for the chronic illness that’s turned into an acute exacerbation. They go off to the ward and get some advice. They go back into the community… and they’re back within a month.


I’ve seen many chronic disease clients and patients in their 20s and 30s, and it’s heart-breaking.

Sonya English is a Registered Nurse, a PreKure Certified Health Coach and PreKure Faculty member and Lead Coach.


Firstly, it’s important to say that this is not about blame. The medical model has lacked the support and the understanding needed to deal with this. Things such as equity, availability, resource, understanding and knowledge just hasn’t been there, despite the evidence being there in the background.

From an acute care angle, this circle, almost like water going down the drain, creates an air of despondence and despair amongst my healthcare professional colleagues – and myself. We can only watch as the age of our patients with chronic diseases (some preventable, type 2 diabetes in particular) creeps down.

Over recent years, I’ve seen many chronic disease clients and patients in their 20s and 30s, and it’s heart-breaking.


The essence of PreKure for me is hope.


Since I’ve been working with PreKure, these are some of the things I’ve learned:

Knowledge is power.

I see it in the PreKure community. There’s a growing knowledge in our community around understanding, at a cellular level, what’s really happening in their bodies. The physiology of insulin resistance and what high levels of sugar and insulin in your blood, sticking to your organs, can do. Understanding the benefits of fasting and how autophagy, the cleaning out of the cells, actually works in their body. So, knowledge is power. Knowledge of what unprocessed, real food is, what it looks like, and how you can actually make that work for you, your budget, your lifestyle and culture.




Having your tribe around you is power.

You might be taking part in one of our 21-day challenges. You might be trying to lose weight, change your diet, stress less, exercise more, or reverse your type 2 diabetes. Having your support crew around you is crucial, as you’re working on your inner knowledge and your inner mindset around how you’re going to get through this change. Knowing that if you fall off the wagon, that it’s okay. You can get better. You can come back. And doing it right most of the time is good enough.


Being proactive is power.

Being proactive and staying motivated is power. Truly understanding what good and preventative health means, and challenging the specialists and GPs that you work with to do better, to have a more preventative focus, is so important.

The essence of PreKure for me is hope. It’s like this new journey. It’s coming off the conveyor belt we’ve been on and giving a trickle of hope. Through health coaching; through working with the general public; through having conversations and setting our intentions forward for a healthy future, we can make a change.


Change takes effort, but you’re on your way and you are a role model for other people out there.


I feel excited about the future in health. Watching the Health Coaches that have graduated, getting out there and being true to the vision that prevention is cure, is really heart-warming and it fills me full of hope.

If you’re doing a 21-day challenge – Congratulations! This is the first step. It’s going to be messy. Change takes effort, but you’re on your way and you are a role model for other people out there. So good on you! Keep going and keep in touch with us.


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