How to use social media to grow your business? Stephanie Moran, PreKure’s IT platforms Manager, shares her top 5 tips.


1. Share your story – build a following

 There are hundreds of thousands of coaches online. How do you stand out?

  • Focus on your unique story and mission
  • Focus on your unique abilities
  • Speak, write, blog, tweet, make videos – whatever – and share, share, share!
  • People want to know, like and trust you
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your community

Coaches who use social media successfully are extremely authentic, and they build a following of like-minded people, who really want to hear what you’re saying. And who they want to work with.


2. Give some really good stuff away

You want a bite-sized something that introduces your customers to what you sell.

  • Share, share, share it on social
  • It should be so good it hurts a little bit to give it away

But it will be so good they’ll want to come back for more.


3. Be a curator

You don’t have to do it all yourself. There is already so much great content out there.

  • Choose two or three of your favourite mentors or idols and share their content too.
  • Understand the reason you’ve chosen each one, understand why you believe each of these people is great. You can vouch for them, they’re authentic, they share your values.

BONUS TIP: Ask them to reciprocate, or if you can be a guest blogger on their platform.


4. Block time and schedule

Don’t let social media take over your life. It’s very addictive.

  • Block your social media time. Spend a day or two brainstorming and writing 3 months’ worth of posts.
  • Limit your time on social each day. But do reply to everyone who comments on your posts.
  • Use a scheduler to create and schedule your social posts. This allows you to share across multiple social media platforms at one time, find out when your audience best engages, but most importantly – it frees you up. 

Try Hootsuite or google free social media scheduler to give it a go.


5. Progress not perfection

You don’t need fancy equipment. Just a phone with a camera.

  • Don’t get hung up on getting it perfect.
  • Learn on the job. Post it while you’ve got less followers and learn and grow as your following grows.
  • Be brave, just do it!

It’s the content that matters. Not what it looks like.



Give – Give – Ask

Once people know, like and trust you – for consistently giving away value for free – you can ask to work with your audience.

You don’t need to be ‘salesy’ or ask people to sign up. You can simply show your work (before/after photos, testimonials, etc) and let them know you’re taking on new clients.


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