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There has never been a better time to start a career in professional health coaching. The landscape of healthcare is evolving and professional Health Coaches are playing an increasingly vital role in this new world of preventative, lifestyle-driven health. The coach approach is leading to better and more sustainable health outcomes and offers a real alternative to the reactive medicine-first model. The career paths and opportunities available to PREKURE Professional Health Coach graduates continue to grow. This guide outlines the vast array of opportunities to leverage your expertise as a Certified Professional Health Coach and find your perfect career balance of freedom, fulfilment and flexibility.

Start Your Own Thriving Health Coaching Business

Many PREKURE Health Coaches establish their own thriving private coaching practices offering services to clients seeking to improve their health and wellbeing, either in-person or via online platforms.

A unique strength of private practice lies in niche specialisation. PREKURE graduates often leverage their passions and previous-lived experiences to develop a specific coaching focus, like Amanda Balcombe of Still Wellness, an ex-Finance Advisor turned Mental Wellness and Burnout Coach. Other coaches thriving in their solopreneur businesses include Katherine Froggatt, who transformed her life after her cancer diagnosis, pivoting from her Corporate Leadership role into a Mental Fitness & Cancer Coach; Kent Johns, who was burnt out in his role as a Sports Broadcaster and Radio Producer, has found new purpose in his thriving Corporate Wellness Coaching business; and Shelley Smith of Santosha Health Coaching, who switched her career as an Advertising Manager to find more purpose and passion as a Holistic Health Coach.

“Choosing to become a Health Coach and getting certified through PREKURE has been the best investment I have made. I am thrilled to work alongside so many Health and Mental Health Coaches at PREKURE…it is such an honour to be able to work with clients to inspire them to live a rich and fulfilling life” – Katherine Froggatt, PREKURE Certified Mental Health Coach

Cancer Coach, Katherine Froggatt

How to Expand Your Private Health Coaching Practice

For PREKURE Coach graduates establishing their own private practices, PREKURE has a growing network of opportunities to gain client referrals.

FLAX: The brainchild of PREKURE Coach Graduates Ashlee Sturme and Ree George, FLAX supports PREKURE Certified Mental Health Coaches to deliver quality coaching, workshops and resources in schools, to improve mental fitness and resilience.

PREKURE Directory: The PREKURE Health Coach directory showcases PREKURE Health Coach graduates, enabling them to gain referrals and leverage the growing power of the PREKURE brand.

ReCalibrate: ReCalibrate NZ is a collaborative of PREKURE coaches working across healthcare, insurance, education and finance industries. The ReCalibrate team supports organisations to implement sustainable health-related and behaviour change programmes to foster positive people and business outcomes at scale. ReCalibrate NZ employs anywhere from 5 to 15 Health Coaches per programme, and takes up to 75 employee clients through specifically-designed corporate health coaching programmes.

“At ReCalibrate NZ we’re passionate about improving employee wellness and enabling and employing quality PREKURE-only Health Coaches. Our coaches deliver our proven intervention programmes using scientific data, lifestyle medicine, coaching mindsets and insights to deliver sustainable wellbeing outcomes for employees and the businesses they work for. Ultimately, we want to transform the lives of employees across Aotearoa and grow the health coaching practice in New Zealand.” – Ree George, ReCalibrate Director and Lead Coach 

Shaping the Future of Primary Healthcare in NZ

PREKURE graduates are extremely well-positioned to contribute to the new healthcare workforce of Health Coaches and Health Improvement Practitioners (HIPs) being integrated into GP clinics throughout New Zealand. PREKURE Coach graduates will often work part-time in a primary care setting to help serve the community, further develop their coaching skills post-graduation, gain exposure to a wide range of clients, gain a better understanding of the public healthcare system, and provide stable income whilst building up their own private coaching clientele.

Primary Care Health Coach: Health Coaches working as part of the primary care team provide support for lifestyle changes, promote self-management and achievement of goals, and help patients navigate and connect with other healthcare services to support their wellbeing. These Te Tumu Waiora Health Coaches are currently working in primary care settings throughout Aotearoa. Currently you can apply for a job as a primary care Health Coach in New Zealand without having completed any formal education, as you will receive some on-the-job training. Typically Te Tumu Wairoa Health Coaches have received on-the-job training and support delivered via Health Literacy NZ or Tāmaki Health.

As world leaders in Professional Health Coach education, PREKURE’s Health Coach training program provides much more rigorous and in-depth training, including core behaviour change skills as well as cutting-edge education in lifestyle medicine. On completion of the program you’ll receive a certification that has NZQA Level 5 micro-credential equivalency. You’ll also meet the professional body standards for health coaching in Australasia and be eligible to be a professional member of The Health Coaches Association of Australia and New Zealand (HCANZA).

PREKURE has many graduates currently employed in primary care settings and they tell us how the PREKURE training means they are technically advanced in terms of their skills, the practical behaviour change tools they have access to, as well as the latest knowledge in lifestyle medicine science.

“In the busy GP clinic I work in, I have had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life with a variety of long-term health conditions. I get to see people who might not be able to access private health coaching and I can see them for as long as needed – allowing them to find and incorporate lifestyle changes that work for them and can be sustained through the ups and downs of life. I am part of and have access to a collaborative team of medical, lifestyle and community support. I use my PREKURE coaching skills daily, which gives depth to my coaching.” – Roni Taylor, Health Coach at ProCare

Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP): A HIP is a registered health professional (for example a nurse, psychologist or an occupational therapist), with training in talking therapies (for example Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), that works to support clients experiencing mental distress or addiction issues. Working as part of the primary care team, the HIP receives a ‘warm handover’ from a GP or nurse in the general practice.

PREKURE has several graduates who are currently employed as HIPs in primary care settings. PREKURE’s extensive training in the latest lifestyle medicine for mental health, taking a coach-first approach and up-to-date knowledge in alcohol and drug rehabilitation, allows them to really make a difference in the lives of their whai ora (patients).


Community Organisations and Nonprofits

Local community organisations and nonprofit organisations focused on health and wellness hire Health Coaches to support their programs and initiatives. PREKURE has graduates employed by Pasifika organisations like The Fono and Etu Pasifika, as well as Māori health providers such as Kahungunu Executive and Mahitahi Hauora.

PREKURE graduates often lean into their cultural heritage to develop a specific coaching focus, like Māori Health Coach Jared Cannons who provides health coaching and cooking skills for whai ora looking to better manage, prevent and in some cases even reverse their type 2 diabetes. Telesia Fauonuku is a Pasifika Health Coach who combines her passion for bodybuilding with her Tongan heritage to inspire health and wellbeing.


Holistic Health and Lifestyle Clinics

PREKURE Health Coaches can also be found working alongside healthcare providers in other clinical practice settings. Professional Health Coaches form part of the holistic clinical team and collaborate with doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff to provide wraparound care to clients, supporting them in managing chronic conditions, adopting healthy lifestyle behaviours, and navigating their healthcare journey.

Private health and wellbeing clinics embedding Health Coaches as an integral point of difference in their offering include Taupo-based lifestyle clinic Reversal NZ, Dunedin’s holistic wellbeing clinic Well+Being, Adelaide’s Low Carb Keto Health, Precision Medicine clinic Autonomy and holistic online teletherapy service Bloomers Psychology.

“Reversing diabetes is only half the job. Maintaining the change long-term is the real challenge. As a GP I am good at giving the information but the Health Coach is the expert in behavioural change. Long-term success is optimised when GPs and Health Coaches are working together, on the client’s agenda, to bring about lasting changes.” – Dr Glen Davies, Reversal NZ

Dr Glen Davies, Reversal NZ

Other industries adopting Health Coaches to empower better health outcomes

The demand for professional Health Coaches continues to grow, opening doors to new and exciting career paths centred around positive impact.

Insurance companies: Health Coaches are partnering with insurance companies to deliver preventive health programs and disease management initiatives. By guiding policyholders towards healthier lifestyles, coaches are helping to reduce healthcare costs and improve overall well-being.

“I’ve been able to work alongside insurance clients as part of my coaching business, Metabolic Switch, to empower them to take control of their type 2 diabetes. It’s been so rewarding to have clients report increased energy, clear thinking, and stable eating patterns, alongside improvements in their blood glucose.” – Sarah Ahern, Owner Metabolic Switch

Corporate Wellness: In today’s competitive job market, companies are seeking strategic corporate wellness programs that address mental wellbeing, stress management, and healthy habits as a crucial tool to attract and retain top talent. As a Corporate Wellness Coach, like Kirsten Rose of Evexia Health & Performance, or the ReCalibrate NZ collaborative of PREKURE Coaches, you can design and deliver customised programs that support leaders, address employee needs, reduce stress, and foster positive people and business outcomes.

Wellness Retreats: People are increasingly seeking immersive experiences to prioritise their wellbeing. Innovative wellness retreats, like PREKURE Coach Carl Muir’s The Provider and PREKURE Coach Sophie Falk’s Scandi Wellness Retreat, provide the perfect environment for Health Coaches to lead transformative programs, fostering healthy habits and personal growth in a supportive setting.

Schools & Universities: Initiatives like FLAX are seeing PREKURE Health Coaches partnering with schools to educate teachers and students on healthy habits, build resilience, and promote emotional wellbeing. Universities like AUT and Otago are recognising the important role of Health Coaches to support the wellbeing of students, with students able to utilise the services of a Health Coach on campus. And teachers themselves are also finding incredible value in developing and utilising health coaching skills in their teaching roles, like Health and PE teacher Christa Jellyman.

“As a Health and Physical Education teacher, my role has always been to enhance the wellbeing of my students. Since completing my certificate in health coaching, I have been able to change my approach in the way I teach, which has helped to be able gain a better rapport with my students, but also help guide them to have a better understanding of how they can develop action plans that promote sustainable health behaviours. I believe that through my knowledge as a Health Coach I have been able to develop a student centered approach that is empowering my students to take ownership of their own health. In one term, I have already made huge gains with many students and my goal is to take this work further to help young individuals to find the joy in being active.” – Christa Jellyman, Health and PE Teacher

Gyms and Personal Trainers: Gyms and personal trainers are transforming their services, and moving beyond just physical exercise, as they recognise the power of taking a whole-person approach to wellbeing. PREKURE-trained coaches, like Health and Strength Coach Alice Rosier of Live Stronger, are elevating their client experience, and achieving greater personal fulfilment, by providing personalised coaching support that helps empower clients to achieve their health goals.

Lifestyle Villages: Retirement communities are embracing preventative health initiatives. As a Health Coach in a Lifestyle Village, you can support residents in maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle, fostering a sense of community and wellbeing in their later years.


Going Global with Your Coaching Expertise: Unleash Your Impact on a Worldwide Scale

The Health Coaching profession is experiencing a global wellness wave with the United States and Canada leading the charge. The American market for health and wellness coaching is projected to reach a staggering USD 2.1 billion by 2030 according to Grand View Research.

Many online health and wellness platforms are now incorporating Health Coaches into their platforms globally, for example, Noom, The Cancer Coach and The Change Room. The hugely popular mediation app Headspace has recently announced the addition of Mental Health Coaches to their online mental health support offering.

This surge in demand creates a landscape brimming with exciting opportunities for PREKURE Master Health Coach graduates, with global recognition through the UKIHCA (UK & International Health Coach Association). The UKIHCA is a professional Health Coach body that upholds some of the highest standards in coaching worldwide. By training as a PREKURE Master Health Coach and becoming a member of UKIHCA, you’ll gain instant credibility, and open the doors to international practice. OE calling?


The healthcare landscape is shifting, and PREKURE Professional Health Coaches are at the forefront of this exciting change.

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